Decidedly Strange Packers

Decidedly Strange Packers

We are on the road. In the car with us for the 5-day, 2400-mile expedition:

The dog

His bed, blanket, food and water bowls, poop bags and 2 leashes

An iPod, Spotify subscription and half-dozen actual CDs

3 lampshades, one bike wheel and an Adirondack chair that could not be shoehorned into the moving truck

2 laptops

Whitney’s last report card

Our wedding photo album, our honeymoon photo album and a going away photo book by our supremely devoted friend Mark and contributors 

Tinned sardines, crackers, chocolate and powdered espresso

3 cases of wine

7 beers, 4 of which were a going away gift from Rob and 3 of which were a gift from Brad (who also gave us 4 but we drank one)


Towels (bath, beach AND dish)

Most of the last 3 Sunday NYTimes (not the sports sections)



Books, notepads, 7+ dispensers of sunscreen

7 Epi-pens (7 is an emerging theme)

Your basic clothing-toiletries jumble

3 hats for me, 2 for Pete

Flattened-out Kan-jam missing the frisbee component

A fireproof safe with passports, social security cards and such in it but interstate criminals please note it contains NO cash

A 27-inch iMac 

2 sleeping bags

2 ice chests

A duffel of kids clothes and stuffed animals

11 brand new sharpies in original packaging 

3+ boxes of Kleenex 

Assorted spirits including a small-batch spiced “winter gin” from Ruth’s hometown in Scotland

Advil, vitamins, powdered espresso and tea

One of those timers you plug a light into

Long pieces of wood that Pete says have some utility

A 4-foot long level which could be used in conjunction with the wood

Several perfume samples

Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks

Broom and Swiffer 

Multiple bottles of partially used dish and hand soap

A can of vegetarian chili and an unopened jar of apricot jam

A couple of years worth of hair elastics 

An Economist magazine from May 19 (2018)

My favorite piece of driftwood, which is unfortunately 2 feet long and curved in a big arc 

Many lip products 

AA  and AAA batteries 

Dyson hand vacuum with attachments 

Couch legs

Guitar picks


Magazines, mail and a 2019 calendar from the National Park Service 

A heavy glass orb

Very important business papers

An overriding sense of curiosity and excitement 

Cheese and butter

Please feel free to print out this handy list for any packing suggestions/spiritual guidance that might benefit your future automotive explorations.

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